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How to print:

  1. First, click a button to open desired printable chapter.

  2. Next, use your browser print feature -click File (upper left).

  3. If needed, adjust your page setup -Click Page Setup.

  4. Click Print Preview for a pre look.

  5. Click Print

  6. Your printed copy is one of the ways you should routinely "back up" your work.


The Print feature also provides another way to backup your book

  1. You can use this Print page to create a "digital," computer-saved backup of your book.

  2. First, be sure that on your hard drive (on your own computer) you have an area created for saving your backups. This should be inside of the folder you created earlier to store all of your materials associated with your book as explained in your opening emails.

  3. Next, click one of the buttons (above on this page) to open desired printable chapter.

  4. Then, use your browser files save feature -click File (upper left).

  5. Click "Save as"

  6. You will see a navigation box titled "Save webpage." (in the upper left) An illustration is coming for here.

  7. Navigate to the backup folder which you created earlier.

  8. Click the down arrow in the section below entitled "Save as type."

  9. Choose "Webpage complete (.htm .html)" You con't want the choice that has mht.

  10. A filename is filled in for you automatically. Remove the spaces for a cleaner filename

  11. Click the "Save" button. You now have a digital backup of the chapter you chose.
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Print Friendly Views

Shows printable renditions of all chapters. Each opens in its own new window. Designed to use the your browser's powerful "built-in" layout and print feature.

Click the button for the chapter you wish to print. Next, in your browser, click File, then Page Setup or Preview or Print.

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