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So why is it called Baked Cakes?

With a title like Baked Cakes you might rightly expect this book to be only about baking a variety of cakes. But, the principles of baking apply across the board. One reason for confusion about having pies and cookies and such things as apple bread in a "Baked Cakes" book is that as hard as it is to get past the conventions of language, the truth is that cookies are small cakes, pancakes are indeed very flat cakes and brownies and various tasty sweetened breads are just cakes of other descriptions.

Any good baker learns about tarts and pies and cookies, because they also are part of the same science and art. So, just enjoy the entire range of baking and know that if you learn how to bake well, you will practice with many forms of "baked cakes."

Hopefully, after practicing with many of the recipes in this book, you will get the baking "bee in your bonnet" and treat your family and friends to a range of delicious baked treats. A commercial enterprise selling various kinds of boxed pastry mixes once had an excellent slogan, something to the effect that "nothin' says lovin' like something from the oven." And it's true, many a personal interaction has been improved and countless families have come together in a spirit of cooperation and harmony when various otherwise quarreling members got a whiff of the wonderful siren-like aroma, which fills a home and entices everyone to enjoy what is coming from that oven, piping hot.

That simple promise that "it only has to cool a bit" brings everyone to that joyful state of anticipation, soon to be rewarded with a tasty experience that always pleases and satisfies. And now that you know the power over people's emotions, coming simply from learning the kind of baking skill which the tools in this book offer, you can to be on your way to becoming a baking master and a relationship wizard as well. The only caveat is... also you must learn to act responsibly concerning how and when you use your new mystical capacities.

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A book of recipes about baking, but not just cakes; pies and cookies too.

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