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This book is a demo. It is real book (but, we didn't author the recipes). These desserts (actually quite tasty) and the videos are simply those collected from public domain postings around the internet (yes, just by cut, paste and downloading). It was done to illustrate some of the author tool features (maybe, it took two weeks of work to put this together)... that shows the power of what you can do with WriteandShow. This author page is also fictional... created to demo what your bio might look like (that chef photo is a model and that image and some of the other graphics are licenced from

About the author...

The following is a fantasy representation of the story of the author. The name which follows, Alan Smythee, is a pseudonymous moniker, a constructed nom d' plume, often used in the literary world. But, while the curriculum vitae is a fabrication and the cognomen an anonym, the author of this bio (who also penned the "Preface" page to the book) is real, a practiced raconteur with the wit to provide you with an enjoyable, however fanciful, intro and this biography.

Alan Smythee was born and raised in Silvermist Crossing, Georgia in the tradition and gentility of "the old South." Although the long standing custom in the Smythee family was to follow into the family business, the world-wide, Smythee shipping conglomeration; Johnson had little interest in the world of international commerce. In spite of the discouragement of his society-driven parents and grandparents, from childhood on, Alan Smythee was fascinated with the "goings on" of the kitchen, not something generally considered by someone "born to the gentry." But, in spite of being derided for his choice, the young Smythee spent much of his time watching and participating in the preparations in his family's massive estate kitchens. The Smythees employed resident master chefs to prepare exotic dinners for entertaining visiting dignitaries and corporate executives from all over the world and also for the elite and sophisticated genteel families of Silvermist Crossing aristocracy.

By the age of 10 onward, Alan Smythee could be found, on almost any evening, working with visiting master chefs, sometimes from New York, other times from Paris or New Orleans, busily, not only learning what they willingly were anxious to show him, but creating his own unique dishes, which became the talk and the rage of nearby Savannah. After a while, even Smythee's grandfather "came around" to understanding the destiny of the young Smythee and encouraged his tutelage by chefs, flown in from the finest restaurants from the many locales where the Smythee enterprises can be found. At the age of 17, Smythee left for Paris, France to study at world's most famous cooking school and eventually was awarded its highest honor, winning the most coveted prize of all, Le Grand Diplôme de Clouseau Bleu.

By the time Smythee was 25, he was regarded as America's finest master chef, having performed his magic at several of New York's finest establishments including, Le Bonne Cour and the world renowned Léon Delhomme. At the age of 33, he returned to his roots and established Smythee's, known, perhaps, as the finest restaurant in Silvermist Crossing and some say, even the world. His desserts (and especially his cakes) have earned him the reputation as the world's finest bakery chef, in addition to his far reaching other culinary talents. In spite of all of his success and acclaim he is known to everyone simply as, "Chef Al."

And now Smythee brings his talent to you in this wonderful new book. Study it well, follow his easy to understand instructions and you will be able to impress your friends and acquaintances with your own masterful creations. This illusory biography of an author's alias identity, Alan Smythee, is offered in the spirit of the concept of having an enjoyable time in the kitchen (and showing potential authors how a bio might appear). The content of the book is real (copied and pasted from the internet) and the author of this bio is an authentic writer, a palpable being with a bent for hilarity. Enjoy these recipes.

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